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Our Story

We are an online thrift clothing focused on upcycling clothing, and we are based in Winnipeg. At Thriftsome X, our mission is simple: to make thrift clothing more mainstream by making it more accessible, convenient to shop faster and more fun.
Est. 2018       Proudly Canada Made

At the core of our business lies the desire to make fashion not only sustainable but also good for the pocket. We do this by providing stylish, upcycled, thrift clothing. We have made it our mission to provide simple, wardrobe staples to people who love to live and breathe.

Our mission is to reimagine the use of thrift clothing making it more ‘cool’, accessible, and more fun

Our inspiration for starting Thriftsome stemmed from the realization that more than 50 billion pieces of clothing are produced worldwide every year, and 75% or more of these pieces will end up in landfills making fashion the third most polluting industry on the planet. We were passionate about doing something to extend the life of the planet in our own small way since we can’t all be at the forefront. Thrifting means we extend the life cycle of the good thus reducing the demand for new items that will end up in landfills. Therefore, by shopping with Thriftsome, you are also embodying this vision – not only extending the life cycle of these goods; you are also contributing directly to saving our planet – something we can be proud of and feel good about.

We’re just getting started! Be a part of the revolution!