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Feel The Love. Feel The Planet

If you are like me I am sure you too find it stressful picking a gift to celebrate people in your life you cherish. Questions like “would this be a perfect fit?” “would that actually meet their needs?”, etc. inundate our minds to the point of stress. It is important to give thoughts to the gifts you choose because after all it is the thoughts behind the giving that matter. You mutter that to console yourself of the stress you had to endure. Gift-giving should be enjoyable, not endurable. It should not suck the energy from you. If it is stressing you, perhaps you’re not even doing it right.

The official day of love is once again here. You would once again want to give a gift to everyone you cherish. This Valentine’s Day you’d want a gift that would not only say “I love you”, but also one that says, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you on this planet” or “You mean the world to me”. This will mean saving the planet. And saving the planet is what Thriftsome excels at.

We thought about you and your loved ones this special season. We took the stress out of the thoughtful thinking so you can focus on the loved ones. We want you to feel the love whilst feeling the planet. Because, for us at Thriftsome, love is big for us. This Valentine’s Day discover must-have gifts that celebrate everyone you love this year – friends, family, sweethearts and even yourself! When gifting the special one, you want them to know there are better days ahead, and better days mean that we can save the planet whilst saving on our pockets to focus on things that matter to us. In view of this, we put together these gift suggestions for you


  1. Blue Classic Suit Jacket
Classic blue jacket

2. Women’s Long Sleeve Dress

3. Short Sleeve Ruffled Blouse

4. Sweater Tommy Hilfigher

5. Dim Gray Hand Pouch


  1. Light Faded Red Jacket

2. OG Addidas Jacket

3. Signature Levi Strauss